For this production, creator Thirza Schaap teamed up with Joeri Janssen, art director at Roorda[…]

Christchurch – Kia Kaha New Zealand

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se032C2LwGw Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand has been through some tough times of late. But now[…]

Ivory Fly Style

Copyright Ivory Productions GmbH & Co. KG

Porsche Macan

The GTS Community is dedicated to collect the most beautiful routes around the globe. In[…]


A film I shot 4 years ago during the photoshoot of the photographer Pierre Winther[…]

Tendance Roadster

A small film about my friends from Tendance Roadster. They are a Royal Enfield &[…]

Rendez-Vous at Mumbai

A mysterious girl have a rendez-vous with a mysterious man in Mumbai. With Longinus Fernandes[…]

A Drop In The Ocean

137 BLVD Films Producer Khalid Tahhar Siam Movies Bangkok Executive producers Marc Malécot Georges Langlois[…]